949racing 6UL Wheel Fitment On 88-91 EF Honda Civic

15x8 - Front

15x8 wheel clears the front suspension. My car has rolled and pulled fenders therefore I cannot say whether the wheel clears unmodified bodywork, but with pulled fenders there are no clearance issues with 205/50-15 tires (Bridgestone RE-11) whatsoever.

15x8 - Rear

In the rear, 15x8 wheel hits forward portion of the trailing arm. A 3 mm spacer is sufficient to clear the trailing arm on my car on either side.

Then, 15x8 wheel hit the top portion of the trailing arm. I do not have a picture of the interference but this is the result with the left arm clearanced:

For some reason the right arm was either clearanced even more by a previous owner or it was a different part:

I have had no issue with trailing arm contact on the right.

This is what the wheels look like on the car, with a 3 mm spacer. The tires in these photos are Toyo RR 205/50-15.

15x9 - Front

15x9 wheel contacts the knuckle/spindle in the front:

Does not look like much, but the wheel looks a lot more sad:

With 225/45-15 tires, the tires are already sticking out past my pulled fenders:

I abandoned further attempts to try to fit 15x9 in the front.

15x9 - Rear

As a 15x8 wheel already requires a 3 mm spacer to clear the front of the trailing arm, a 15x9 wheel would require an even larger spacer. I have no need to put enormous tires on the rear of the car thus I never tried fitting 15x9 in the rear.