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Curing Sloppy Shifters

Shifter slop is common to all Hondas with higher mileage. The natural rubber bushings soften with time and result in a mushy feeling shifter. There are two sets of bushings which cause this problem, the shifter-stabilizer bushings(A) And the shift bushings(B). Two ways to cure this problem are:

My "Si" was plagued with a severe shifter slop problem, so I decided to replace both the shift bushings and the shifter-stabilizer bushings.

The first to be replaced were the stabilizer bushings, I chose to go with a polyurethane bushing kit (part#16.1102G) from Energy Suspensions, which I purchased at Performance Improvements in Barrie,Ont. for approximately $30 CDN.

Polyurethane is a much harder and longer lasting alternative to rubber. By using polyurethane bushings you will feel a noticably more "notchy" shift than factory.


Part One- Stabilizer Bushings: Installation of the stabilizer bushing kit is very straight forward, and easy to do with minimal automotive knowledge. The only problem you might encounter will be trying to fit the new bushing over the shaft where it mounts to the underbody of the car. Use patience and pliers to round the shaft, be cautious not to crush the shaft, as that could slow the installation substantially, and cause serious headaches.

The entire job consists of removing three bolts, replacing three bushings with two, and bolting everything up tight again. Easy as That!