EF Civic/DA Integra Windshield Wiper Motor Interchangeability

In the process of swapping parts from my DA Integra to my EF Civic I was interested in windshield wiper motor interchangeability. The motors are physically not interchangeable but electrically they use an identical connector, allowing an EF motor to be plugged into a DA wiring harness or vice versa.

Physical Fit

EF and DA wiper motors' mounting holes are in different locations and are positioned at different angles. As such, it is not possible to, say, take a DA motor and attach it to an EF chassis.

Because the firewall is not flat behind the motors, making the wrong pattern holes fit the chassis is going to be a major undertaking.

Electrical Compatibility

EF and DA windshield wiper motors use identical plugs. As such it is trivial to connect, say, an EF motor to a DA wiring harness. This is the route I ended up going.