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Intro to EF Suspension Tuning
EF Hybrid Suspension
How to install lowering springs (with DA springs)
How to adjust your coilovers the right cheap way
More shock travel
Make your rear sway bar more effective
Rear camber correction with the washer trick


EF Swap Guide
Engine Removal and Installation
B20 Swap
MPFI and VTEC wiring
Bad Idle Troubleshooting
General OBD0 ECU knowledge (general, chipping, editing, etc.)
How to chip an OBD0 ECU
ECU ROM Locations and Formulae
OBD0 ECU CEL Codes by XDEep
Inside a B-series tranny


94+ GSR cluster in an 88 crx
Si cluster swap: add a tach
Add tilt to your beast

Ramblings & General:

Don't buy from Osaka Motors
Incomplete EF/DA part weights
BRE, the ROM editor