Removing Windshield Washer Bottle On 1999 Miata

After years of tracking the car I finally decided to remove the windshield washer bottle. Turns out, this is a very simple undertaking.

Tools needed:

  • 10 mm socket
  • Ratcheting wrench
  • Socket extension

You can keep the windshield washer fluid in the bottle - we will dispose of the fluid later.

Let's begin! First, locate the windshield washer bottle. It is on the right side of the engine bay next to the firewall.

Unplug the windshield washer bottle connector from vehicle harness:

Trace the hose from the bottle to the hood. Pull the hose off the plastic tee on the right side of the car:

Although the picture seems to be of the left (driver) side of the hood, this is in fact passenger side we are working with.

Unclip a retaining clip locating the hose next to the firewall on the windshield side:

Carefully pull the hose through the firewall into the engine bay. Keep the end of the hose above the engine bay to avoid spilling washer fluid.

Remove two 10 mm bolts holding the bottle to its bracket.

Pull the bottle with the hose out of the car, still keeping the end of the hose above the bottle.

If you have a street driven vehicle, empty the washer fluid into a vehicle that car use it.

Finally remove two 10 mm bolts holding the windshield washer bottle bracket to the car. A socket extension will be handy for the bolt closest to the firewall.

Enjoy your weight reduction!