Replacing Oil Pressure Switch On 94-01 Dodge Ram


You will need an oil pressure switch socket. These are sold at auto parts stores:

While a regular 27 mm socket would fit over the pressure switch, standard sockets are not deep enough to engage the hex on the switch:

It may also be handy to obtain a specific extension length so that the ratchet clears the engine but does not hit the firewall. I used a 3" extension with a 1/2" to 3/8" adapter and a 3/8" ratchet:


Remove the air cleaner from the engine.

On my 1998 Ram with the 5.9 engine, I did not need to remove any other parts to gain access to the oil pressure switch.

The oil pressure switch is located behind the distributor. Use the ratched photo above to gauge where it is. Here is another photo of the oil pressure switch with the harness attached:

To disconnect the harness, the red clip must be pushed left. From reading the forums, some people try to disconnect the harness like a normal plug which results in breaking the plug.

Here is a photo of the harness clip in the open position:

Next, pull the harness connector straight up off the oil pressure switch:

Finally, fit the oil pressure switch socket over the switch and unscrew the switch from the block.


Installation is basically reverse of removal. Apply thread sealing tape to oil pressure switch threads to prevent an oil leak.